Question Verizon grandfathered UDP

Feb 7, 2023
Anyone know anything about these old plans? I have it and they have tried to get me to ditch it for years. I was considering getting a new phone and plan but I don’t wanna regret it (I have bought phones outright since I’ve had this plan). I know they advertise new plans as being unlimited but it’s my impression they are all throttled unlike my plan. I also was wondering if - since I have the gUDP - I can add tethering on for $30/month to my gUDP at this point? I know people who already had the tethering plan added get the gUDP but I didn’t know if I can add it on at this point. Only looking for info from those who understand what the gUDP is and how it differs from current unlimited plans, please 😀
I don't know of a company that allows tethering on their unlimited data plans now without throttling after a certain data limit. Keeps people from just setting the thing up do download data all day downloading torrents/movies/etc... They only place you will find out if you can get it added on is from Verizon so what anyone else tells you outside of them is useless since those others are not actually going to be adding the plan to your account.