Vertical coloured lines Samsung LA55C

Jun 15, 2018
Hi to all.

I have a Samsung LA55C750R2F with reddish/purple, blue and yellow vertical lines appearing. Happens on any channel, may have been after a lightning strike.
I have attached photos of the vertical lines and the boards/connectors

I’ve already pulled it apart and wiggled the board with all the inputs on it, didn’t help. I have disconnected and reconnected all connectors, nothing changed. Had a quick look at the T-Con board (I’m assuming that is the board in between the power supply on the right and the Input board on the left, which has one ribbon cable from Input board into the T-con board, then two cables from T-Con board down to screen) and no obvious damage. I also removed the outside metal frame of tv to access the ribbon/tabs where it attaches along the edge of the screen and pushed it in, applied pressure etc. Nothing helped.

The T-Con board has “2010_R24OS_MB4_1.0” imprinted on the board and above it on a white sticker with a barcode is written, “S3860A0F02RD003577”. On the metal shield that sits over the T-Con board, “LJ63-08755A” is engraved.

Any ideas on what the most likely cause for the vertical lines is and what I’ll need to replace it? I live in Australia so any suggestions on the cheapest place to get spare parts would be appreciated.