Very Confused With Understanding Audio Setup



So I am looking to build my dream setup, I have everything I need except speakers and headphones. I am confused which speakers I should get and how much I should spend on them but for headphones I am getting the Audio-Technica ATH-M50xWH headphones. I also am confused by this thing called the "Scarlett" it's this red rectangular box thats's called a DAC or something. Anyways I want to know what the scarlett is and why I would get it and which speakers to buy, any help is great!

EDIT: I am also looking in to buying a microphone


first you need to be specific and answer a few questions.

WHAT have you bought already?
how MANY speakers were you planning on getting (2.0/2.1/5.1/7.1)?
what PURPOSE or roles does the equipment serve (gaming, recording, etc)?
what were you thinking for a BUDGET? estimates are fine.

if by scarlett you meant this it is a usb audio interface. it provides xlr jacks for studio microphones along with a jack for monitoring the audio. this product is more set up for people looking to record vocals though there are other options.

get back with specifics if you want a good answer.



Sorry for being unclear, and yeah that is the scarlet I was thinking of. So I have already bought the headphones but I'm looking for a mic and speakers. for purposes it will be recording but light recording and also for gaming. My budget for speakers is nothing over $400 and for mic under $250. So do you think I need the scarlett?



as far as headphones are concerned, the m50x is overpriced for the quality you get. dont get me wrong, they arent bad headphones (i use the m50 which is the previous version) however they have a very small soundstage and arent as comfortable as say the dt770 which are similar but better for a bit more. both are v-shaped sound though. if you wanted completely neutral (which i would if you want to hear sound the most natural) i'd get the hd598 or similar or if you had the money for it the dt880. the one benefit of the 770/m50 is that they block out noise (open designs like the 880/598 do not do this so well).

for a mic... that depends on if you get an XLR mic or not. if you do then you will need a usb audio interface of some sort. it doesnt need to be the scarlet and i'm sure there are cheaper ones out there but you will need something similar yes. the audiotechnica at2035 is a nice microphone for the cost however that is about as high priced as my mic knowledge extends.

for speakers you didnt answer how many you needed. i'm guessing 2.0 or 2.1? for that price and for recording purposes you would be best off with either an amplifier and two passive bookshelf speakers or two active bookshelf speakers.

just my thoughts.



Are the headphones you got good? because Ill probably get those if they are better than the ones I told you about. I don't understand your questions about the speakers. And is there a widely popular mic thats at a good price? I wont be singing or anything so. thanks for the help though.



Oct 19, 2011
Are u gonna use the speakers for music or for movies?
Music is typically stereo and 2 channel (2 or 2.1). dot 1 is the subwoofer.
Movies come with more number of speakers and would be expensive. With your budget forget about movies for now.

400$ budget is kinda average budget. I would recommend a budget of 1000$ and get one good pair of bookshelves or even tower speakers and an amplifier.

If thats out of your reach, with 600$ - 800$ this would be a pretty good system.
Infinity Primus p363: $400. This is a 4ohm speaker so get someone to pick an amp carefully.
For 400$ you will simply not get better speakers than these! And they can play pretty darn loud.

If that's still over budget, get a pair of Infinity Primus P163's. You could get other speakers too, need to search a bit.
That's about 170$.
Since these are easy to drive finding an decent amp is easier and cheaper. Here is one.
Double check on Emotiva before buying. I am not sure if that can deliver sufficient amount of power. Usually 1 to 10 Watt is all that we need. Emotiva is fantastic brand. But with these you cannot expand so easily tomorrow from 2.1 to 5.1.
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