VGA to HDMI Converter, NO AUDIO


Jun 8, 2015
Hello, I have just bought a "Tendak Full HD 1080P VGA to HDMI Output Video Cable Scaler Converter Adapter with Audio Via USB Port for PC Laptop HDTV HDMI Displays" from Amazon and was really excited to finally connect my laptop (Toshiba Satellite) to my HD tv.
The video works great and I can recieve a clear signal from the laptop to the tv, but i have no sound. I have visited some of the other similar questions on the forum but they all have the same answer and are more relative to connecting to projectors instead of straight to a tv.
My question is: now that i know my computer speakers are the ONLY thing that pops up when i go to my manage audio devices and is already the default option what other problems could it be? This is the third time i had bought a VGA to HDMI cable, but this is the first one that actually works (sort of) I really do not want to spend more money on a new converter all together so I am really hoping there is a solution here. Thank you.

Someone Somewhere

What model is your laptop? Most should have an HDMI output anyway.

VGA has no ability to carry audio; if you want to use your TV speakers it would have to be a line in port on the VGA-HDMI converter.

It would probably be easiest to just get a set of computer speakers.