Nov 19, 2017
We play darts in our pub and we want video camera to take footage from dartboard to HD-TV. Camera is about 3 meters away from board so we need zoom also. What HDMI-output camera you would suggest? Sound is not needed. Also battery powered cams and wifi-cams are out of question.
To be honest with you, if you don't need to record with the camera, you can get some amazing deals on used Sony DV cameras at the moment on Ebay. These cameras are getting on, as they use digital video tape instead of memory cards which all the current ones use, but they still offer amazing full HD pictures. I have only mentioned the slightly older cameras because you did not mention what sort of budget you have.
If you let me know what your budget is, i could help you a lot more. I found this just as an EXAMPLE of what is out there: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/SONY-HDR-FX1000E-CAMCORDER-MINI-DV-HDV-HD-PROFESSIONAL-DIGITAL-HIGH-DEFINITION/352212573629?epid=1326234523&hash=item5201815dbd:g:eT0AAOSwa0VaDwFO
I chose this camera, as it has 3CMOS sensors, which will give an amazing high quality 'broadcast' quality look to the footage. And this camera would have set you back around £2,500 - £3,000 when new.
This is a DV cam though, so still uses small digital tapes to record, but if you have no use for the recording function, then this will give you the live footage you need at amazing quality, for very little money. Also featuring HDMI output, so a simple HDMI cable will be needed to connect direct to the TV!
As i said, this is only an example i found. Let me know a budget, and i will see what i can find for you.

Hope this helps,