Video software recommendations

I'm in search of two types of software. One that will let me record clips from dvd and save them on my pc. The other to crop the files like you would a photo. A resizing option should also be present. Must be freeware.

I'm looking to take a small cropped area of a dvd video and use it as Android live wallpaper. I have an app already but I lack any good software ideas to get the final file to use with it.

As always any suggestions are welcome.
i've used windows movie maker before. rather handy for stiching together different clips and adding titles but i don't remember ever seeing a way for me to actually clip out a part of video to use standalone.

freeview is no longer available.
i dont have a mac for the apple editer
wax doesnt say it supports what i need it to do.
zwei... is not sure i'd trust that site.

for instance... lets say i have a 1920x1080 resolution video file.. i want to be able to clip out a section maybe 10-15 seconds long and then also crop the image to lets say.. 420x800. also i want the ability to resize the video resolution as a whole, i realize this reduces quality.

there has to be a program in existance somewhere (or a combination of two programs) that allows me to do this for free. i don't need flashy effects, i just need those basic functions.