Vizio D-Series - model: D43fx - I cannot get my PC speakers to work with it

Jan 21, 2019
This Thanksgiving I bought a Vizio D-Series - model: D43fx. My previous TV was a Sony Bravia. With the Sony I could connect three sets of separately powered PC speakers into my Sony by way of a 3.5 inch 3 x 1 splitter cable. It was my 'hill-billy' surround sound.

tried to do the same with my Vizio, but I have had no success. I know my connections and such for my speakers are fine. How do I know this? Because when I plugged the speaker cable (via the 3.5mm input) into my PC (at the input port where one would plug in their headphones), I can hear music just fine out of all three sets of the speakers (for a total of nine speakers). Help please. Thank you.

Thank you.
Your new TV has an RCA stereo analog audio output, which is unusual, but not a headphone output.
This is a line level output which is much lower than a 3.5mm headphone output. If your PC speakers aren't powered it won't drive one pair let alone 3 pair.
Check the manual of the TV. You may need to set the audio to variable in the TV audio menu so that the TV remote will change the volume of the speakers.
Jan 21, 2019

All three sets of my speakers plug into an outlet. So I guess that means they are 'powered'. Obnviously, I know little about TV's.

HOWEVER, I miss my old 'hill-billy' surround sound I was able to produce. It seems like it might be kind of expensive (I assume my current 3 on 1 splitter - will not work for this TV since it has a 3.5 mm that I crammed into one of the audio ports in the back of the TV) and even if it did - do you think it would make much of a difference?

The tech guys at 'justask', sent me to links at *mazon that were simply two on 1 splitter with the male being a 3.5mm. Well guys . . . we had already established that a 3.5mm will not plug into the Viz . .. so . . . they were not real helpful.

If you want to see what my outlets and stuff look like, here is the pdf of it owners manual:.

When I printed it out the font was about the smallest that I had ever seen. I could not read it. Very disappointed with the above mentioned aspects of the TV. However, on a positive note, the TV sounds good as is and the picture looks nice . . .. and I like having some free channels. And finally, it is nice to watch Youtube without having to use the TV via an HDMI port as the monitor. Some day I'll learn other things about it. 'Casting' and such.

So . . . should I give up my 3 sets of PC speakers dream?

Thanks again American, much appreciated,

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