VPN Refused Connections: Nord vs PIA

Nov 17, 2018
I've used PIA for a few years and just switched to Nord 2 weeks ago. I didn't have any major issues with PIA but I hated their login system that only allows randomly generated passwords and I liked that Nord wasn't based in the US. One immediate difference I personally felt i've noticed with Nord is i'm getting a lot more "Refused Connections" requiring me to disconnect. Ironically while creating this account I had to disconnect because the "verify email" link was refusing my connection. I've also felt that Nord has been struggling to connect when initially booting my laptop requiring me to manually stop trying to connect, and manually hitting quick connect again before it will work. My laptop is a brand new Yoga C930 so I don't believe it's a laptop issue.

Has anyone that's used both experienced this or have you heard anything on the matter? I bought the 3 year plan with Nord but i'm still in the 30 day return window and i'm weighing my options. Thank you.


Question from scott802 : "VPN Refused Connections: Nord vs PIA"