Solved! Vr laptop to monitor

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In most cases, the VR application will display the output on the screen.

From the question, I am guessing you don't have a VR headset yet? Odd question.

Not so sure. While on a desktop, this is the case,but on a laptop? Mirroring the output to both the VR headset and the external display?

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May 31, 2016
He states a TV or laptop.
In that instance, you would make the TV the primary display for the PC, and then the app would copy the output of the game.
For a laptop, the same thing...

If they want a 3rd monitor with a mirror.. besides having a beefy graphics card, you would just set that to mirror a display.
OR... you can setup a VR stream and display it on countless monitors with a video capture device. (trickier but possible)

In the end.. the answer is YES.
You just need to go for it and tackle the smaller technical details.
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