Want sound from audio card outputs as well as from soft speakers in hdmi connected monitor, i.e. multiple audio output , not o


Jun 14, 2016
When I installed new AMD motherboard, on board audio did not work. Installed audio card. OK until attached HDMI monitor. Then no output from either motherboard audio nor add in card. Monitor speakers not very loud. Want output from external speakers as well. Also some conferencing software (e.g. GoToWebinar) does not send audio to HDMI, only to audio card. Hence, want audio output always to HDMI and audio card. Audio card also has capability for multiple speakers. Also, since using HDMI monitor, usb headset for skype no longer works. Hence always want audio out to work for HDMI, audio card and headset, not just one choice. How? Using Windows 7-64. Gigabyte F2A88X-D3HP motherboard