want to backup a galaxy s4 with a dead screen


Aug 24, 2017
my screen died last night, totally black. all attempts to reset it have failed to bring my screen back. I have not yet tried a factory reset because i want to backup my data first, if possible. all my data appears to be intact. i can connect the phone to my computer like normal and see everything in the folders that i normally could. ive already copied over music, photos, etc. but i want to be able to copy over my sms text messages if i can. is there a way to copy them over on the computer? i dont see text message files in the folders and i cant find any instructions on how to do a backup without being able to use the phone screen.
You can't get text messages that way. The only way to back up texts is to send them to somewhere else, like an email. Without the option to see the screen, I know of no way to get the messages off the phone.