What could I do to access my pictures from a CF card without formatting?


Jun 28, 2013
I recently bought digital camera with a 16GB CF card. I had taken many wonderful pictures during my vacation trip.
But, the problems also followed. In order to import these pictures, I tried to plunge it to my laptop as usual and always received a message: “This card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” I didn’t think I had done something wrong to this card. What could I do to access my pictures again? Do I have to format it at first?
Help me, please!

luckiest charm

Jun 1, 2013
No do not format the drive!

Instead I am getting you a software, download it and it would retrieve the data -

iCare Recovery


After downloading it, install / open it and click "Deep Scan Recovery"
Then point it to the CF card drive and click OK. It would get you all the files in the card without any problem.

If you did formatted, then choose the fourth option (Format Recovery) and do above stuff again.

In most cases you should get all the pictures back.


Jun 30, 2013
Yes! Could you access this CF card right now?

If you still cannot access this card for the “nor formatted problem”, I think you should do the following steps to fix your problems.

1. Do not format this CF card. No one could ensure that the formatting process would not make things worse.

2. Do not save new data on this card in case that your inner saved photos and videos would be overwritten.

3. Do not randomly select data recovery software to restore your data. Even though there are plenty of data recovery programs on the market, you could not randomly select one to try. You should make much researching one the internet and then make your decision.

Read more information of data recovery stuff here: http://geeksdo.com/freeware/data-recovery.html

4. Learn not to save the restored data on this CF card in case of data recovery failure and always remind yourself to back up all your important data on different storage devices.
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