What is the name of this computer component?


Oct 6, 2017


I was wondering if anyone here might know what a certain computer component is called.

You see, I have a laptop (model HP 14-AN012nr) with an eMMC drive which I recently disconnected (in order to put in a much larger solid state drive).

I disconnected the eMMC drive by detaching the small ribbon cable that connected it to my laptop's motherboard.

Before I detached it, one end of this ribbon cable was connected to a receptacle on my laptop's motherboard.

Does anyone know what this receptacle is called? Does it have a technical name or another name that it's known by?

I would like to know the name of this receptacle in order to find out more information about it.

I may be wrong, but I believe that it may be possible to connect other things besides an eMMC drive (such as a Bluetooth module or dongle, for example) to this receptacle by using a compatible adapter.

The reasoning behind this is that if the port can connect an eMMC drive to a motherboard then it should be useful for potentially connecting other things to the motherboard, too.

Thank you.



That is likely a proprietary storage header and most likely can only be used for the intended eMMC drive or possibly a cache drive of some kind. Regardless, it's doubtful that any other kind of hardware can or should be connected to it. It would be a lot easier to tell with a larger image but based on WHAT was connected to it, I'd assume that it can only be used for what it was used for. It's unlikely the chipset or bios firmware have provisions for using it for anything else.
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