What will changing my wireless mode form "Mixed" to "G-only" do? How do I know what my adapters run?


Jan 15, 2015
I'm trying to enhance my gaming experience and I am using Xbox Support forums to do so... The thing is, I don't exactly know how to open certain ports (as shown here) on my router settings. I'm also wondering if changing my "mixed" wireless mode to "G-only" will affect my wifi for the better... any help?


Jun 23, 2014
Setting your router to "g" only or "n" only will give you a slightly better connection. Moreover, setting the channel to 1,6, or 11 instead of "auto" will also help.


Jan 15, 2015
Same as schwatzz said above, it basically sets your router to only focus on that band rather than switching between all possible. Best way to determine what you have that will (or won't) work with G is to switch your router to "g only" and see what happens. You can always switch back.

If memory serves, g is older than n...and n has been out for a while, so chances are most of your wireless stuff will work on g (as devices tend to be backwards compatible).
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