What's really mean "Plugged in, not charging"?


Nov 11, 2015
I have Lenovo ideapad Z460 intel Core i5 Nvidia 310M.
I bought this laptop in 2010 and this laptop is not specificly for heavy gaming, tho i still play many "light weight" games like PES 2015, CoD MW 3, Dota 2, Project Reality: BF2, etc.

When i charge this laptop, the battery is only charging to 80% (I've choosed Lifetime battery management in Battery Lenovo Management) and says "Plugged in, not charging". I knew that it's plugged in, BUT not charging, literaly. And, the thing i really wanna ask,
1. Is the Laptop using AC Power or Battery power?
2. If it using AC or Battery Power, how to check it?

I ask this because i wanna make my battery lifespan longer. I want to use AC Power instead Battery Power when plugged in when playing game, and if i dont wanna use it for later. So, if i could do this, i think i can make my battery lifespan longer.

Thank you very much!! :)

Actually the problem may lie either on the battery or the AC adapter but I would highly recommend on what you have said about removing the battery if you'll be playing games with it for a long time. Pretty sure that will preserve the life of your battery for a very long time. :)