What's the difference between the ASUS UX430UA - GV232T and GV415T

Jun 21, 2018
Hi I am planning to purchase the ASUS UX430UA - GV232T or the GV415T. I was wondering if spending a extras £100 is worth getting the GV415T? What is the difference between those 2? Is it a HUGE different? Is it noticeable? How much % performance increase? Does both have IPS? Appreciate everyones help.


The Turbo of the 8th gen is at 4GHz and it´s a quad core. Therfore overall performance will be better than the older 7th gen with dual core

both CPUs are supporting DDR3L and DDR4, so that should be fine
Actually the cheaper one (GV415T) is the better one, it comes with an I7 8550u CPU, which is clearly better than the 7th gen CPU of the GV232T model.

But be careful with the amazon shops, there is a description which could indicate fraud or fake or I don´t know. Resolution on top says 1366 x 768 pixels, which should be 1920x1080
and Hard Disk Technology: SDD which should be SSD.
"Resolution on top says 1366 x 768 pixels, which should be 1920x1080
and Hard Disk Technology: SDD which should be SSD. "

also it should be DDR4 and not DDR3, but could be possible. Didn´t find the specs on the ASUS site

but could be typos as well
Jun 21, 2018

I just hope its a typo!

However the DDR is actually DDR3 and not 4? Legit website shows that too? https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/asus-zenbook-ux430ua-core-i7-8550u-8gb-256gb-ssd-14-inch-windows-10-laptop-ux430ua-gv415t/version.asp
AND the GV232T shows DDR4? WTF is going on I am confused as heck lmao.

I just hope Amazon dont screw my ass. :(

edit - off topic. The 415 indeed have better CPU but the clock speed is 1.8 vs 2.7? Is it a big difference?

I mainly be using for daily use like browsing, watching stuff, downloading stuff, and maybe the odd game now and then.

Appreciate your help again! :)

Typed on Samsung Tab