When I connect my hdmi cable to my new Windows 10 laptop my flight simulator is choppy but it's fine on my old computer?


Feb 1, 2016
I have a new hp laptop computer with a intell 520 and added when built a GeForce 940m card ! When I fly the Phoenix rc flight simulator on computer screen it's fine but when I hook up hdmi cable it gets choppy on both screens?

Try installing the latest graphics driver of your laptop first that may help.
- Go to Device Manager and uninstall NVIDIA graphics driver.
- Check Programs and Features as well and uninstall anything related to NVIDIA.
- Next is to download and install the latest graphics driver from NVIDIA support site.
- Here's the link: nvidia.com/download/index.aspx
- Once installed, reboot your laptop for all the changes to take effect.
- After there boot set NVIDIA as your default graphics card.
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