Which is the best speaker system to use in this setup?


Jan 20, 2017
I'm planning to set up a high end home theater. thinking of going with Marantz 6011 in a 7.1.2 setup. What would be the most suited speakers for this setup?


depends on your preferences in sound, available budget and space contraints.

by the cost of the receiver alone it seems like you're willing to shell out $5000 or so on a setup. before spending such cash i would hope you can at least answer the above topics otherwise anyone who wants to help is just flying blind giving just personal recommendations.

i'm a klipsch fan myself. i own a set of satellites in a more moderately priced $1500 setup. go preview some bookshelves and floorstanders at a local audio store, you might enjoy them as well.

i'm sure someone else will give a few more brand ideas.

The Marantz is a decent receiver. There are many speakers that would work with it but there is no one that can predict what you like or dislike
Many high end audio stores carry Marantz receivers so go in an let them play some speakers for you. High end shops tend to be more discerning about speakers so even their entry level speakers will usually be a bit better than higher profit more commercial brands.
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