Which Laptop is better?

Platinum Era

Jul 22, 2013

The Sony has the GT 740m which is stronger then the Samsung's HD 8750m while the Acer has the lousy HD 4000 Chip (I might not do any gaming but I would like to have the option).
The Samsung has the stronger i5 compared to the identical one on the Sony and Acer (which are under clocked).
The Sony has the lowest battery life at 4 hours compared to the Samsung's 6 and Acer's 5 and a half.
The laptop will be used for general "student" purposes (MS office and such), light gaming (maybe) on games that are not so demanding and will be used for entertainment (Youtube, Movie and such).
2 of my concerns are the screen resolutions and and if heat will be a problem
(I am currently using a much older Samsung R522 which reaches 60-70C on prolonged use)
Also, I can easily wait, the website restocks on new and old items on Fridays.

Which is better suited for me? (I can't decide)
Should I wait for more Haswell's to pop up after the 4Q?

*If you are going to recommend a laptop it has to be from Futureshop.ca/Bestbuy.ca