Which one of these laptops, resolution and gpu differences


May 22, 2010

this one is 15.6inchs, has the 1900 x 1080 but has the amd 7730m gpu.


this one is 17.3inchs, has 1600x900 but has the nvidia gt650m. and is a pound heavier.


this one is also 17.3 same cpu as the others, runs at 1600x900, cant find out what the graphics card, but is also about 150 bux cheaper than the others.

there was the lenovo y580 models too at best buy, had the 650m and 660m models, but it was running at the 1366x763 resolutions. all these were under 1000 dollars, so that isnt what is making it choose for me. the resolution is what is contemplative with the graphics cards. they are all over the place. some with good resolutions, but decent graphics cards, some with lower resolutions, but a bit better graphics card than the previous.

just dont know what i should be foucsing on more in terms of laptops.