Which smartphone should I buy?


Apr 4, 2016

For a long time, I am thinking to buy a new smartphone. The problem is, I always find problems (disadvantages) on the devices in my price range. Currently, the devices that I am thinking of are:
- Huawei P8 lite: The battery capacity is the main problem here. It also does not have gorilla glass.
- Samsung galaxy J5: I dont really like the look of it (typical samsung device), it miss notification led and it's the only android device on the list with less that 2gb ram.
- Honor 4X: A bit "chubby" and 1.5 years old already. Also I am confused with the different versions (Che2-L11 etc).
- Honor 5X: A little over my budget (~50 euro) and not removable battery cover.
- Meizu M2 note: "meh" camera and not removable battery cover.
- Vodafone Smart Ultra 6: Not even 1 year old, but I dont think it will get updated ever.
- LG G3: Already 2 years old and a little over my budget (~30 euro).
- Lumia 640/ 640 XL: The thing is, my current device has Symbian. So there are no must-have apps that I already know I am going to need. (Well, some may think it's an advantage cause you cant miss something you never had :p)

I would like some thoughs/ideas about those devices. I am trying to make a decision for months but I just can't do it...

Thank you for your time and help.

PS: Please excuse me if I did something wrong (ex posted in wrong place). It's my first post here :)
Easy ... buy a refurbished Galaxy S4 !!

The S3 had problems with the SD card controller and the S5 and S6 are out of your price range.