Question Why my second hdd is not detected?

Sep 18, 2021
MY Laptop model is HP15 AC101TU. Recently I have added an SSD and changed my HDD (Samsung- Seagate internal drive 1 TB) as secondary HDD using a caddy in the place of DVD Drive. When I boot the system, some time BIOS gets stuck and very slowly opens up. Once the system is booted up (WINDOWS 10), my secondary HDD is not seen. The device manager, sometimes, shows as unknown device and sometimes as "SS&4+4;MP% @IJ-MQ 1 BB8 >@'( @;@ ( 8 - 0 GB". Correct driver is not loaded. Once I update the IDE/ATA ATAPI Controller driver as 'Standard AHCI SATA controller', system asks for restart and then the HDD is detected and correctly opens. There is no option in my BIOS regarding HDD exept Boot order. How can I solve this problem? If I connect my HDD to USB port via SATA connector, it works perfectly. I have done the HDD tests and it shows no error. Please help me to solve this problem.


Mar 10, 2016
I've always heard that Windows should be installed with one drive plugged in, and only afterwards to add the secondary drive. If your HDD still has a copy of Windows on it, then you probably should use this method. Remove the HDD, re-install Windows on the SSD, and then plug the HDD back in.


Mar 10, 2016
Without the HDD plugged in?

If so, the only cause I can think of is the HDD adapter that you installed into the DVD Drive bay. Contact the seller of the product. Maybe he was supposed to supply a driver for it, or maybe the adapter is faulty.

Although after looking at your post again, I see you've already solved the issue...Are you indicating that the driver needs to be installed after every boot?
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