Solved! Will my TV work with a sound bar?

Dec 18, 2018
I’m trying to decide if I should get a sound bar or just a regular bluetooth speaker. My TV is this:
philips 49pfl4909/f7

I’m not tech savvy, but as far as I can tell there is only a couple regular HDMI ports and an analog input. Would have of these work with a sound bar? I have no home theater system and I’d ideally like to have something that I can stream music on from my phone/Echo Dot but also play sound from my TV and Blue Ray player. Any advice is appreciated
Dec 18, 2018
After researching further, I noticed additional ports on back of tv, yay! Has digital output and HDMI arc. My next question is.. any recommendations for a sound bar that can connect through HDMI arc and also has bluetooth for streaming from my other devices? Ideally $100-$150 range
That TV has coax digital and a headphone audio output.
Most soundbars have an optical input and analog aux input so either get a coax to optical digital audio converter or use the headphone jack to the aux input on a soundbar.
If you budget will stretch to a Sonos Beam it will sound good and is Alexa compatible.
It will stream music for you not just use your phone as a source.
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