Will Sansa Fuze limit the performance of Audio Technica ATH-M50?


Jun 4, 2009
Hi. I'm intending to buy Audio Technica ATH-M50.

I currently own a Sansa Fuze.

Will the Sansa Fuze sound quality limit the ability of the aformentioned headphones?
If so, I would like a recommendation for an mp3 player with a sound quality that will use the M50 to its fullest. I don't need it to play vids or pics, no additional unnecessary functions. Just music and sound quality.

Speaker / headphones sound quality is only as good as the source. If you think Sansa Fuze sounds like crap, then you will not notice any improvement.

In fact, audiophile level equipment (speakers, amps, etc) will make crappy quality sound even worse because these type of equipment can reveal all the flaws. Note, those headphones are not considered audiophile.

Cowon is known for selling players with the best sound quality, specifically the D2+ and S9. I plan on picking up the 32GB version of the S9. Too bad there is no 64GB version and there probably will never be. They support video playback though, but many reviews (not just personal reviews) proclaim them to have the best sound quality; the S9's SNR is 95, not sure of the D2+.