Will the HTC Vive have "real games" not just tech demos?


Dec 2, 2015
I know from the reviews that the HTC Vive is a great experience, if money is no object. What concerns me is that all the reviewers say there are only "tech demos"/ really short games to play. I have heard rumors that in 5-7 month we will have full sized games. Can anybody confirm this?


May 31, 2016
Chiming in...
This comes down to "What is your standard for a Full Game". You may consider WiiSports a bunch of Tech Demos.

If you are looking for a tripleA title to be soley released in VR with roomscale, the yeah.. it may be a while.
That said, there are several games that I'd consider "Full Games", and more on the way, and then you have general VR ports.

- Hover Junkers
- the zelda like game (kinda weak, but it was a full experience.)
- Brookhaven Experiment (comes out in June)
- Fantastic Contraption

Then you have games that are really "Experiences".
- Job Simulator (cause you can't lose.)
- Some of the sandbox games.

And then you have general VR ports of existing full games,
- Project Cars
- Eve
- And a bunch more, which I can't look up. (at work)

But I hear what you are saying. Most of the games feel like mini-games or tech demos. However please remember the HTC Vive only got released in April, so it has been (2) months. Lots of games are still coming out for it, and the longer it goes the more complex games will be released.

Which reminds me.. I need to check to see if the Shuffleboard Cantina got updated for the Vive.. that would make me MAD happy, as that was a great VR game when it was just in the DK2.