Will this laptop for university be suitable to my needs?


Jan 8, 2015
Hi everyone, I am just wondering if this cheap laptop is good for my needs:

Asus ViVoBook X206HA 11.6"

The laptop I want has these specs:
  • Price: $246
    Processor: Quad Core x5-Z8350 1.92GHz
    Cache Size (MB): 2 Installed
    RAM: 4GB DDR3
    Hard Drive: 32GB eMMC

My needs are:
  • At University for note taking, work on assignments, and research
    Use microsoft office
    Browse internet
    Multi task and have multiple windows open
    Not be laggy (main concern!)
    No gaming

It's been a while since I bought a lower spec computer and the last one I did buy is now laggy when doing the simplest of things. The main thing I don't want is a slow/laggy laptop.

I am a little worried about the disc space. Windows 10 is apparently 16GB, so that's already half the space. I am probably wrong, but I have always thought the closer you are to running out of space, the more laggy the computer gets, just hope this won't be a problem.

Also, other laptops around this price have 2GB and just in case this runs out of stock, if this was a 2GB laptop, would it still meet my needs?

Thank you.