Windows 10 doesn't detect my mechanical drivesim running windows 10 on an ssd and when i go into settings>system>storage it


Oct 23, 2015
im running windows 10 on an ssd and when i go into settings>system>storage it wont show anything else except for my ssd (which is running very short on space)
in the BIOS it shows my SSD, mechanical drived and my CD ROM
is there a way to manually add drives to windows?


Jul 30, 2014
Welcome to the community, helloleigham!

I'd recommend you to go to Disk Management and check if your secondary HDD is recognized there. If it's a brand-new one, it would be listed as Not Initialized/ Unallocated (Black bar). Here's a link that explains how to get to Disk Management:

Afterwards, you can simply right-click on the volume of your secondary drive and allocate the space by initializing the drive and then partitioning & formatting it. Here are a couple of more tutorials that can help you out with that as well:
How to initialize a drive:
How to partition & format it:

After these procedures are finished, you should be able to access through Windows Explorer (This PC).
P.S. If you have data on the drive, these procedures will erase everything on it, make sure you do a backup somewhere else beforehand.

Hope I helped! :)
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