Solved! Windows 10 stereo mix doesn't work anymore

Oct 27, 2020
Hi everyone,
I have a stereo+sub setup connected to my PC. I use the case front jack for the stereo speakers and I attach the line in of the sub amplifier (a TPA3116) to the mobo green output. Now, I have always used stereo mix to split the sound output and it has always worked fine. I know I should use a sound card with an orange output but I need the sub to also work with a turntable plus I don't have the money for an additional sound card.
When I updated Windows 10 to the october 2020 update nothing worked anymore. Stereo mix was disabled by default (although it was enabled before updating) and now it only outputs the signal twice to the stereo speakers driving me crazy. This behaviour does kinda make sense but the thing is it has always worked fine, plus this is how people tell you to connect 2 outputs to a single pc. Any ideas?
Maybe the audio driver isn't compatible with the update?

You could split the front audio output and connect both the speakers and sub. That's what you were doing before but inside the PC.

You could also try this
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