Windows 8 freezes after login


Jan 3, 2015
my laptop freezes after start up I get to log in some of the windows items load up not all then I have no access to programs.. Mouse pointer there moves but when try to click nothing happens .. Can't get into safe mode ? Any suggestions be appreciated.. May have to take to repair shop ..

UPDATE: THANKYOU for your help ..I have since managed to start up into windows.. I ran avast quick found Rootkit hidden virus ..but I can't get rid of them.. There was over 1000 files detected.. Ran malawarbytes found nothing.. Can't access hit man pro.. I can't seem to use sandbox to run virus checker.. I got a couple of shutdown blue screen when running kapersky Reds . I eventually get it to reboot hoping for boot scan and it just started back up to windows.. I have windows 8 .. Run quick scan again in avast still showing the same amount of files infected.. Aft re hitting fix automatically in actions to all they look like windows files.. Such as windows defender drivers.. Winsxs backup files..with some file extension saying boot mnger ..and mui..with option to repair the result is the option ..action postponed to next reboot.. Which have tried..I get the feeling that is not obviously going to happen going in circles.. As after a reboot.. I just ran the avast fast scan and it has picked them all up again.. Any advice be much appreciated thank you kindly ..