Wireless audio for classroom



Hey all,

I am looking for an audio solution for a classroom setting - kids listening to English Listening exams. It needs to be wireless/wifi/bluetooth and android compatible. Sonos 1? Chromecast audio and good speakers?

The classrooms are less than 20m2 and will be max 11 people in the room.

Any suggestions?
What is the source of the exam that has to play on the speaker?
If it's an audio file on an Android phone then you can use any bluetooth speaker (which the Sonos is not).
A Denon Heos speaker or speakers could play files on a remote server via wifi as well as accept bluetooth audio from a phone. It also has a USB port so the file could be on a USB drive and plugged into the speaker.


Thanks for responding. I went with Google Home Mini in the end and it seems to be ideal
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