Mar 25, 2015
First off thank you all in advance. Also I am an old broad that is quite tech savvy but don't understand some of the lingo (ie "Streaming") To my query. I have an LG 42 HDTV with a Shaw gateway system therefore I have a portal on top of my TV. I want to move my TV to the other side of the room & would love to avoid running 50' of cable coax around the room. Do any of you know of any transmitter receiver units that will accept standard cable coax? As I live in a RV Trailer the last choice solution will be to drill small holes in the floor & past the cable underneath the trailer.
Don't think there is a wireless device like the one you would need. You could leave the box where it is and use a wireless HDMI transmitter to get the signal to the TV but that would cost more than running the coax for sure. Since that coax cable has to enter your RV from the outside you could move the access point to a more convenient location rather than run it out again and back in.