Worried I may be infected by Virus. Went to services to see suspicious looking services. Help?


Aug 3, 2012
Hi there.

My computer began stuttering with it's mouse movements and with my keyboard strokes. After disabling much in the startup, I also went into services to see what I should disable. However upon looking, I found some suspicious looking services. I tried looking them up online but, I did not find anything on them.

Here are just some.

I tired restarting my computer and looking at the services again, it appeared that the 5 characters at the end of them changed.

It may be that these are actual windows services related to Windows 10 or, it could be something more malicious.

I run ESET NOD32 Antivirus in combination with Malware-anti-bytes and it seems to work pretty well. I am just not sure about these services.