Write a program for a multiple choice survey.

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Dec 7, 2017
Write a program for a multiple choice survey. This program is a platform to generate a survey by any(multiple) survey, allows a correspondence (or the person who would answer the survey) to fill thesurvey and allow the initial person to extract and analyse the survey results. The program should
allow the users to choose:

(i) Option as Surveyor, Correspondence or Analyst.
(ii) The surveyor and analysts would need to input a password.
(iii) The Correspondence would need to identify themselves (i.e. matric no?, Name? and
others). This means that the Surveyor needs to specify what identifier info they require
from the Correspondence).
(iv) The Surveyor then can extract the data from the Correspondence. A program that would
analyse the data (such as gives the percentage for each corresponding answers) would be
more valuable.
(v) The data analysis should be generated on screen and saved in a separated file.
This program is relatively simple. Grades would be given according to the flexibility and userfriendliness of the program, the tidiness of the program write-up and the presentation of the screen and file output

Help me :(
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