X-fi xtreme Gamer auxiliary input no sound


Apr 29, 2008
No sound in auxiliary port for my x-fi sound card.
I have a TV2000XP RM edition ( not much diference from the deluxe, except it dose not have a radio tuner ) and the curios thing is that if I plug it in my motherbord`s auxiliary sound card, it works fine. I have sound from the TV tuner. If I plug it in my X-Fi xTreme Gamer, in the auxiliary port offcourse... no sond from the tv tuner. I can`t explain it. I`ve been searching the forums on the net for an explication. Nobody knows enything. And before you ask. Yes... all my drivers are up to date and so is my bios. As for the operating sistem... trust me... it make`s no diference. I have the same problem on XP, Vista and Windows 7.
What can I do? Help PLS?

System Specs
Mob: MSI X48C Platinum
CPU: Core2Duo 6850 - 3.00Ghz
Ram: 2x1GB Kingston DDR2 800Mhz
Video: 1xHD3850 Radeon 512MB
Sound: X-Fi xTreme Gamer 7.1
TV Tuner: Leadtech TV2000XP RM edition.


Apr 27, 2010

I have the same exact problem but with the TV2000XP Expert edition. I read in some other forum that you should try to connect the auxiliary output of the TV Tuner to the Line-in of the X-Fi sound card but I would not accept this option since I have to run the cable from inside to the outside of the CPU. I was just wondering what program are you using, is it PVR2? If so, what would be your settings when you connect the TV Tuner auxiliary output to the Motherboard auxiliary input? Does the sound come out of the X-Fi sound card when the connection is like this? If yes, then I would go with your type of connection since it really sucks watching TV without any sound. The weird thing about it is that if I record the TV show and play it back, then it has sound in it. It seems that the auxiliary port in the X-Fi sound card is only made for recording and not for playback, which is unacceptable for me.

I hope that you can find an answer to this and please do share your method. Thanks.


Jan 3, 2009
I suppose you use PVR2 for your TV tuner under Vista or Windows 7. This might also apply for PVR1 on Windows XP, but I'm not sure. Go to the Configuration menu on your PVR2, Device Setting tab (the second one from the top on the left side) and make sure that you have "Speakers", not "Digital Audio Interface" under the Playback Devices menu. Then, select "Auxiliary" under Audio Control Line and "Line-In" under Analog Audio Device. Finally, make sure that Auxiliary is not muted in the volume panel. Hope that helps!

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