Yet another "which fitness tracker" question


Jun 5, 2016
Hey everyone, I need a little help. My current, generic tracker died on me, and am looking to get something better.

A little about me. I don't always have my phone on me, but it is 99% within Bluetooth range. I have brain damage and am disabled, so I am looking for something that is good at Automatically determining what I am doing. My stride length varies drastically. Depending on how I am feeling, I average 30+ miles weekly. I walk/hike on country roads, dirt/gravel trails, through the woods with no trail, and occasionally, mix in some jogging. I do have a few regular routes, but I often just randomly go where I want. It is Always outside though, so doesn't have to be treadmill friendly.

I also ride motorcycles, which drastically screws up my phone's step counter, but hasn't been an issue with the generic tracker I have/had. Unsure how it would impact other trackers?

Requirements -

Android Friendly!!!

Wrist worn - Watch or Tracker, doesn't matter.

Simple to Operate. Again, brain damage means I don't always remember to turn it on for an activity, so gotta be good at automatically determining what I am doing.

Waterproof - I don't need it to track swimming, but I am in the water often, and don't want to constantly be taking it off.

Daily activity tracker - Steps - Calories - Distance. Total Distance throughout the day is what really matters, so as far as Distance goes, I want it to be Very accurate. Steps/Calories don't need to be as accurate

Battery - Current tracker lasts 30+days, and that seems to work really well for me. I would be OK with at Least 7 days though, as I am often gone for a week at a time.

Reasonably durable. It Will get hit by branches
Other things worth noting -

Phone Notifications aren't needed/wanted.

Screen/Display doesn't matter to me. I am used to using my phone to look at the app

Brand Name doesn't matter

Looks doesn't matter, it isn't a fashion device for me, it's a medical accessory

Cost isn't an issue. Reliability and Durability are!

Heart Rate Monitor. I pretty much Never use it, so it's not needed for me.

GPS would be great for more accurate tracking, or since my phone is within Bluetooth range, it could be connected gps through my phone...but neither are actually "required" as long as it is otherwise accurate.

Thanks for any, and all help!