Your Opinion: Best 1080p Gaming Laptop ~$1000


Apr 7, 2012
Hello everyone, I have been doing some research and I'm thinking about selling my big gaming rig for a gaming laptop so I can easily move it from house to house. I'd like as much GPU horsepower as possible, but a decent CPU is a must as well for photo editing. I have been looking at things like these:

Are there any other models for around this price range that I am missing?

ALSO, my budget is dependent on how much I can sell my PC for (See below for PC details, also selling my Rosewill RK9100 and my 23" LG Flatron Monitor, so I imagine those will bump the price up a bit, I'm hoping for maybe $1100, which, compared to everyone else on my local craigslist, is a pretty fair price).


Jul 17, 2013

That Lenovo is a very good machine , and the good thing about it , is that you can remove the Sceond GPU any time you want to save battery and work with Single GT750m on the road .. so this is a high battery laptop and a high gaming laptop as well.

that bay also can take blue ray ... and an extra fan module ... so you can put 3 in your bag , a fan , a GT 750 card , and a blue ray or DVD and interchange them any time.

also the screen of that Y510p is very good.

have a nice day

Edit : watch this

this is the old Y500 .. with 3rd generation intel ...