Add Microphone as Input Device in Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is not merely an audio mixing application but tt also allows users to add their own voices, provided a decent quality microphone is physically connected to the computer. As per the program’s default configuration, even if the microphone is physically connected to the computer, Virtual DJ does not include it into its interface as an input device. The program does so to avoid any accidental voice integration while mixing any audios. In order to use microphone to add your voice while working with Virtual DJ, you must configure the program manually.

Another advantage of Virtual DJ allowing you to include a microphone as input device is that you can add the karaoke audio files into the program, and can use your microphone to give the added file your own voice. With the professional version of Virtual DJ, you can produce industry level output quality when it comes to adding your voice to the karaoke audio files.

Adding the microphone to the Virtual DJ program is instance specific or user specific task which does not require any administrative intervention or elevated privileges. This being said, even if you are logged on to the computer using a non-administrator user account, you can still add the microphone to the Virtual DJ and can start using it to add your voice to the running music files.

By following the instructions given in this tutorial, you will be able to include a physically connected microphone to the Virtual DJ program.

Here’s what you need to do:

    ■Log on to the computer on which Virtual DJ is installed.

    ■Initialize the Virtual DJ application by double-clicking its icon. (In most cases shortcut icon of Virtual DJ is automatically placed on the desktop.).

    ■From the opened interface, click the CONFIG button present at the top of the Virtual DJ window.

    ■On the opened Settings box, make sure that the Sound Setup tab is selected. (If you have opened the Settings box earlier and have used any other tab on the interface, the next time when you open the Settings box, you will notice that the tab that you previously used is already selected by default.).

    ■On the Sound Setup tab, click the down facing arrow representing the inputs icon.

    ■From the displayed list, choose the MICROPHONE option.

    ■Once done, click OK to save the changes that you have made.

    ■As soon as you will click the OK button, you will start experiencing the presence of the microphone within Virtual DJ..

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