Converting Optical Audio Signal to Coaxial Digital Output

If you are looking to upgrade your home entertainment surround sound system, you may notice that some Blu-Ray players cable boxes use different audio inputs or outputs than your receiver. Rather than buying a whole new receiver, you can buy a digital sound adapter to make all of your equipment work together in harmony. Follow the steps below to convert optical audio inputs to coaxial outputs.

Step 1
Make sure you know your inputs and outputs because there are different adapters out there for converting signals in different ways. If you are reading this guide for help, then you have a cable box, DVD player, or satellite receiver with Toslink optical audio outputs, and a receiver with coaxial cable inputs. In order for these things to be compatible, you will need a converter that can turn your optical outputs into coaxial digital audio outputs.

Step 2
Search for an “optical to coaxial digital audio converter.” There are several different converter switches out there that you can use. They wo;; be less than you’ll spend on a new receiver, so it’s worth the purchase.

Once your C2G converter arrives in the mail, you’ll be able to set up your entertainment system so that you get high-quality sound without having to spend a fortune on a new receiver or a different set of entertainment hardware. You may also need extra coaxial cables to plug the converter into your receiver, so look around your house to see if you have any lying around.