Get Netflix on Virgin Media


Netflix is available on most set-top boxes with the proper support. The Virgin TV box is one of those set-top products, and it has many apps that go through a small setup process. Owners that want to get the best out of their Virgin TV box can follow this Netflix guide that only requires you to sign in.

Connecting From The Home Screen

With this method you’re only a few button presses away from enjoying HD content from Netflix. There are many version of the Virgin TV box remote control, but they all have similar buttons.

1. On the remote control, locate and press the menu button. This will bring you to the media screen needed for the next step.


2. Select “Apps And Games” on the next screen to move into more specific categories.


3. Navigate through the apps until you find Netflix. Select it and press OK.


4. From there all you have to do is sign in to enjoy Netflix!


Using Channel 204

This is an alternative way to watch Netflix on the Virgin Media Box. It is the faster way, and only requires going to the correct channel. Users should make sure they have their current pin code handy.

1. Use your remote control to go to channel 204.


2. Select OK so that the Netflix app is launched.


3. Enter your current parental control pin to access the app.


4. After entering the pin, sign in normally.


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