How Do I Change My Email ID or Password for My Roku Account


In the newly erupted era of digital media and entertainment, Roku is one of the most trusted brands. The digital streaming media manufacturer has been satisfying its customers with a wide variety of streaming features, providing access to a range of leading streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon video.

People who have their accounts registered on Roku can manage and customize their account and preferences by logging in through the device, or on the Roku website. You can alter your account settings like password and IDs. Here’s how to change your email ID and password for your Roku account.

How to Change Email ID and Password for a Roku Account?
Step 1
Open the website on your device. Look for the account icon. The link to the website is as follows:

Step 2
Go to the ‘My account’ option in the drop-down window which will appear on the home page.

Step 3
Click on the ‘Update’ option under the Account Information window.

Step 4
Enter the ‘New Email ID’, overwriting the old one in the tab provided in the account information window. Enter new ‘Account Password’ by providing the current password, and re-enter the new password to verify.

Note: In case you forget your password, you can also click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. You will be guided through the process to reset your password.

Step 5
Select ‘Save Changes’, and you’re all set.

Your Roku account email ID and password is now changed successfully.