How do I set my own video clip as a live wallpaper on an Android Tablet?

How Can I Set My Own Video Clip As Live Wallpaper?

How many times you have installed a live wallpaper on your android device? A live wallpaper is a moving image that, when set as wallpaper, displays an animation in a loop. Many android devices nowadays have built-in live wallpapers that you can set as default and can enjoy the animation that they have. With the help of live wallpapers, your android device looks lively and active even if you are not using it, or if it is kept aside in an idle state.

Although there are many live wallpaper apps available out there in the market, most of them are the ones that have their own built-in animations that you are bound to use once you have downloaded them. This means that you do not have any control on editing the live wallpapers and you must use the ones that the downloaded app contains.

Now the question is, what if you want to use a video clip of your family members or your children as a live wallpaper so that you can see them moving and playing around on the home screen of your mobile or tablet, even if it is not in use?
Answer to this question is not as simple. You may find several apps available in the android market that claim to help you create your own live wallpapers. However such applications have limited features and they only allow you to create a slide show of the pictures that you choose from the list or from your image gallery.
The live wallpaper maker that is described in this section will help you put a small video image or an animated GIF file of your choice as a live wallpaper on the home screen of your tablet or mobile device.

The name of this app is Live Wallpaper Maker and it is recommended that you should have its pro version to get all the features of the app without any ads or limitations. Live Wallpaper Maker Pro allows you to use the video clips or animated GIF images that your device may contain. When you first initialize the Live Wallpaper Maker Pro, it asks you to select either a video file or a GIF image. As soon as you select an image, it will then use it as a live wallpaper and will start displaying it on the home screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

You might face some troubles in the orientation and the image quality where the video clips or GIF images can be displayed perfectly well in the portrait orientation and might become blurry when used in landscape, or vice versa. You must also keep in mind that live wallpapers consume more power, and the battery is drained sooner as compared to when static wallpapers are used.




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