How to Find Your Roku IP Address?

Streaming is the latest mode of entertainment in the 21st century. An example for streaming is watching online videos on YouTube by using your smartphone. Roku is a company that provides router-like devices that connects the internet to TVs. Roku requires an app on TV, that helps one to stream video on a bigger and better screen.
To avail the cool experience on TV, it is essential to know the IP address of the Roku device so that you can connect the TV to the internet and enjoy streaming videos online. Here is a simple tutorial to find your Roku device’s IP address and upgrade the way you watch online videos.

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store
You need to search for the chrome web store on your browser. By using a search engine (Google for example), you need to type “chrome web store” in the search box. Then, a list of links will appear, where you may find the link leading to the chrome web store. All you need to do is double-click on the link for it to display the chrome web store.

2. Search for ‘Remoku’
In the chrome web store, by using the search box on the upper left side of the screen, search for an extension called “Remoku”. The word Remoku stands for Roku Remote Chrome Extension. Remoku is a virtual remote control with which one can use and control the Roku device. Roku is quite advantageous on the account of the umpteen numbers of virtual controllers.
Remoku will appear on the search result with an ‘Add to chrome’ option next to the app.

3. Add to your power list
On this step, you are required to tap or click on the ‘+ ADD TO CHROME’ button available at the upper right side of your screen. After clicking, a message window will appear asking you if you wish to add the Remoku extension. By clicking the ‘YES’ button, the Remoku extension will be added to your browser. It will automatically be downloaded and if it is successful, it will appear as an ‘R’ icon.
The ‘R’ icon will appear at the top right-hand corner of your web browser.

4. Bringing up the Correct Module
Upon adding, you can now use the Remoku extension by clicking or tapping the ‘R’ icon. Then the virtual remote control will appear on your screen. Click or tap the ‘settings’ option on the Remoku virtual remote control. This will bring up the contents of the settings option on Remoku on your screen. You may then either scan or manually enter the IP address.

5. Dig out the IP address
There are two ways to dig out your IP address. Click or tap on the settings option. Then, the IP address of your account is displayed in the page. So how do you get your IP address? One way is to click or tap on the ‘scan’ button option. The other option available is to note down the IP address so that you may enter it manually.

By using the Remoku virtual remote control, you may stream tons of videos on the TV.
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