How to make your SD Card the default storage location on Android

Android Marshmallow introduced us to Adoptable storage, a way to integrate the internal storage of your phone with an SD card if your handset has a microSD slot. It’s a way of bring two memory types together to maximize the available space on an Android phone. If you would like to make your SD card the default storage location on Android Marshmallow, here’s how to do it.


Adoptable storage in Android Marshmallow
Not all phones are compatible with Adoptable storage and it seems some network provided phones in some territories have either been blocked from doing this for some reason or cannot do it.

1. Back up all your data stored on the phone just in case.
2. Navigate to Settings, About phone and Build number at the bottom.
3. Tap the build number five times to enable debugging mode.
4. Connect your phone to your PC with a USB cable.
5. Type or paste ‘adb shell’ in a CMD window (Windows OS).
6. Type or paste ‘sm list-disks’ and record the disk IDs that come up.
7. Type or paste ‘sm partition DISK:TYPE:RATIO’.

Enter the disk ID where it says DISK, TYPE is either ‘private’ to adopt the entire microSD card or ‘mixed’ to use a portion of it. RATIO is only used if you select mixed. So a command would be something like: ‘sm partition disk:182:160 private’ to adopt the entire storage. Or ‘sm partition disk:182:160 mixed 50’ to adopt 50% of the microSD card.

8. Allow the process to complete and then check for errors.

Android Marshmallow should now treat the built-in storage of your device and the SD card as one single entity and save accordingly.

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