How to manage cables on your HTC Vive

The Virtual Reality world is awesome till the point where you feel no disruptions. There are many things that can get in your way, so before you start make sure that you have adjusted everything right. The cables can be also a problem, because they can distract you a lot and sometimes can also be dangerous.

This tutorial will help to properly manage your cables. Follow this simple steps:
Step 1. . Your HTC Vive has cord management system. This system is meant to provide a way for you how to put away the cables from your face. The thing you need to do is to sleep the cables into the traps that are placed on top and back straps.
Step 2. Because safety is always first and you don't want to fall because of your cables and hurt yourself then the best solution is to take off the cables from the floor. Find the way that will suit you best to attach the cables to your body so you can be safe. For example you can attach the cables into a carabiner clip and clip it to your belt loop.
Step 3. If you don't want to attach the cord to yourself then with a cable holder or extra-large binder clip placed on your desk to keep the cord away from the floor.
Safety is always first. With following this steps you will be secure and enjoying your VR experience.