How to Manage Extensions in Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer, extensions are referred to under the blanket term of “add-ons.” As Microsoft explains, add-ons bring new features, toolbars, controls, and other additions to the Internet Explorer browser. Use the steps below to figure out how to manage these Internet additions.

Step 1
To start, launch Internet Explorer, open the “Tools” menu (find the gear icon), and then click “Manage Add-ons.” This menu will be your “home base” for managing and checking up on your extensions.

Step 2
You will see a list displaying different “Add-on Types.” From this list, select “Toolbars and Extensions.”

Step 3
Find the “Show” option to customize the add-ons appearing on the view list. The easiest way to view and manage your extensions is to simply select “All add-ons.” However, there are also options for “Currently loaded add-ons” (which shows you extensions that Internet Explorer has recently used) or “Run without permission” (which displays add-ons that come preinstalled on IE).

Step 4
If you want to enable or disable a certain add-on, select “All add-ons” and then find the extension you are looking for in the list. Once you’ve found it, click on it and choose “Enable” or “Disable.” This is useful if one of your extensions is causing Internet Explorer to crash.

The add-on management menu for Internet Explorer also allows you to delete certain extensions that you don’t want or don’t need anymore. For instance, this page is where you would get rid of an unwanted toolbar. Just make sure you don’t delete any extensions that are important to the operation of the Internet browser.