How To Recalibrate and Reconnect your HTC Vive Controller


This tutorial will show you the right steps how to successfully recalibrate and reconnect your HTC Vive Controller. Turn on the controllers by pressing the system button. They are already charged but if they don't turn on charge them using the power adapter for controllers. This are the steps that will guide you how to re-calibrate and reconnect your HTC Vive controller.

1. Connect your controller

  • ■ First see if your controller is charged and turned on. If you want to turn on your controller press the system button( the lowest button).
    ■ To charge your controllers just plug them into an outlet with the micro USB cord and power adapter. When you do this if the light is orange then the charging is going okay, and if the charging is over than the light will be white.
    ■ If you have made some mistake and the connection is not successful than the light will be blue.
    ■ To repair the connection go to SteamVR – Settings – Devices – Pair Controller

2. If you have problems with the controller's touchpad

  • ■ If you notice that maybe your controller's touchpad is oversensitive than you need to calibrate it.
    ■ With long press on the System button turn off the controller
    ■ Afterwards you will hear noise that will not be the same as the standard one and the controller will turn on.
    ■ If the controller is in the blue blinking state go to SteamVR – Settings – Devices –Pair Controller, and you will repair it.
  • 3. The LED States of the controller
    ■ If it is white than it means it's ready
    ■ For Connecting the color will be blue. If this state does not change then go to SteamVR – Settings – Devices – Pair Controller, this way you will pair your controller.
    ■ Pairing mode > Blinking Blue
    ■ Low Battery > Blinking Red
    ■ Charging > Orange

4. Reset your Controller
If you have problem with pairing or turning off then this is what you will need to try:

  • ■ First check if your Motion Controller is plugged into your pc, if it is take it off. Next hold down all buttons that you see on your controller. Hold on one side for at least 10 seconds.
    ■ When you release the buttons you can put the USB cable back in the controller and the other side in your PC.
    ■ Then again press down every button on your controller for at least 10 seconds every side.
    ■ If you see some warning, ignore it, just unplug and reset the controller.
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