How to Stream Video Content Directly From Your PC to Roku

The Roku is a versatile device that can change the way you consume your content and entertainment. One of its most useful features is its ability to share content from your PC.
This is normally a simple process and all it requires is your PC, an internet connection and your Roku streaming device. Here is how you can stream contentment directly from your PC to Roku.

How to stream video content directly from your PC to Roku
1. Install software to enable streaming to Roku
Roku does not have the capability to stream directly from your PC. To make this possible, there is video and media software you can install onto your PC. The most popular software includes: Wondershare Video Converter and Plex.

2. Launch the Streaming software
Once the streaming software has been installed onto your PC, you are ready to start streaming video content directly to your Roku. After successful installation of the software, open it and on the left hand side, you will find a list of options.

3. Your streaming software detects your Roku device
Once the streaming software is online it will detect devices nearby that it can stream content to. If there are other devices capable of being streamed to, select your Roku from the options. Your PC now knows which device to stream content to.

4. Select the content to stream to your Roku
Once you have directed your PC to your Roku, you can select the content you want streamed. Add as many video files as your streaming software can hold. When it begins to stream, it will stream each of the video files in the order that you have arranged them. You can also select the video file you want to watch with your remote, from the screen of your Roku device.

5. Start streaming your favorite videos from your PC to your Roku
Once you have completed the above steps, use your PC cursor to select what you want to stream. Choose your favorite movie and after it loads and buffers, you can enjoy it on your large TV screen. You can control the volume, pause or stop the movie by using your Roku’s remote control.