Why I Can't Access My Facebook Account?

You can access your Facebook account with your phone number or email address and a password.

Usually, when people have trouble logging in, it's due to a typo. So check your spelling!

For other cases, follow the instructions below in order to reclaim your account and reconnect with your friends and family:

    ■On your favorite browser, open Facebook.com.
    ■On the Facebook’s homepage, enter your details and click the Log In button.
    ■On the Login page that appears, under the Facebook Login section, if the alert message prompts Incorrect Email, double check your email address or you may also enter your registered mobile number with the correct password and hit Enter to login to your account.

    ■On the next page, if the alert message prompts to re-enter your password, input the correct password or click on Request a new one.

    ■ On the Reset your password page, select any appropriate method for resetting your password. (Use my Google account is selected for this demonstration) and click the Continue button.

    ■On the How Can We Reach You page, enter your email address and click Continue.

    ■On the Answer Your Security Question page, answer the question that you have provided while setting up your Facebook account.
    ■Once done, click Continue.

    ■On the Choose a new password page, create a new password (try choosing a strong one) and click Continue.


10. Now from the Please check your email page, go to your email address and recover your account from the link provided in the email received from Facebook.

11. On the Facebook login page that opens up, login using your new password.
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