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  1. phantom1421

    Solved! does Auslogics utilize Microsoft’s API?

    Hi there, so I understand that disk defrags use their own algorithm but I’m curious if they use Microsoft’s API similar to o&o disk defrag. Anyone have an idea?
  2. R

    Opt Out Of Platform API Sharing On Facebook

    A lot of people use Facebook’s API to login on various third party sites or apps. It easy and quick, and saves the time of entering and remembering your password for websites that you visit. Unfortunately, there is a downside and with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, it became more...
  3. P

    Hardware parameters API

    Hello! To our webshop we would like to fill up all parameters of the products. Do you know any webpage where we can find all hardware's parameters and has API access? Later we would like to make a computer builder/assembling/ , we need help for this as well. eg...
  4. G

    installing system update of samsungtab a6

    No support single-sku Supported api:3 E;failed to mount/efs (invalid argument E;failed to mount /efs(invalid argument)
  5. A

    API vs SDK

    What is the difference between an API and an SDK? Some websites describe it as "All SDKs have APIs but not all APIs have SDKs" What does that mean? I know nothing about programming (syntax wise) so a simple answer would be appreciated...
  6. B

    AT2020 XLR won't pick up any sound

    I recently purchased an AT2020 along with a Scarlett 2i2 1st Gen audio interface. I've plugged it all in correctly, but the microphone won't pick up anything. In Audacity, the input and output is the scarlet interface, which I'm pretty sure is right? I need to figure out what exactly I'm doing...
  7. A

    web cam software

    Hi savants , Could someone please help me get the Toshiba web camera software and the associated drivers for the laptop , 1) Model :- Satellite L50 - B10011 . OS - Win 8.1 , 64 Bit . It's urgent ! Thanks Amiyo
  8. M

    Google Earth API

    Does anyone have a copy of the Google Earth API developers guide? I have a legacy application that still runs on an old version of GE and I need to make some code modifications.
  9. J

    I think i need to create a menu and a while loop must be included.

    I need help with this question, i've been at it for hours now. The goal of this project is to create a class that will calculate the student grade for CSC 171. The users of the application will provide the program with their current points received and current total points possible for each of...
  10. G

    my new Galaxy s6 has a lot of Chimera Modules.. should I be concerned?

    What are Chimera Modules used for? my new Galaxy s6 has a lot of modules listed including auth.api.proxy
  11. C

    Object Recognition Software for CCTV

    I am currently looking for a software that will detect certain predefined objects that may show up on a CCTV video footage. My CCTV DVR is backed up to my server via FTP, i am looking for a software that will "play" that video once its saved and will log or notify the user if any predefined...
  12. S

    integrating the Google Places API

    I'm doing some research on integrating the Google Places API into my website. can somebody please show examples of the Google Places API being used for a third-party website (i.e. not a google website)? Thanks guys.
  13. My Life Is Tech

    How to Run Most if not All XP Programs in 2k

    How would one go about running most if not all Windows XP applications in Windows 2000? I mean, XP was based on 2000 in the after all, so you'd assume that their kernels are at least a bit similar. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's interesting that support for Windows 2000 ended in 2010...
  14. T

    nvidia gforce experience not working

    when i click on nvidia gforce experience it says (failed to initialize easy api) what should i do?
  15. V

    SIP phone from web

    I am trying to add voip call capability into our website, so the visitors can call us for free if they have a headset. Finally i have managed to setup asterisk and found an sdk which can be used without any intermediary media server. I have some web development experience but i know nothing...
  16. Z

    Google Releases Chrome 25 Beta

    Introduces web speech API for developers. Google Releases Chrome 25 Beta : Read more
  17. exfileme

    Firefox 17 Goes Mainstream With Integrated Social API Support

    Firefox 17 has gone mainstream, introducing to users the new Social API which allows social outlets like Facebook to create native controls and sidebars instead of sketchy add-ons. Firefox 17 Goes Mainstream With Integrated Social API Support : Read more
  18. exfileme

    Mozilla Now Testing Social API with Facebook Messenger

    Now you can take your Facebook friends anywhere on the Internet without a separate tab or external client. Mozilla Now Testing Social API with Facebook Messenger : Read more
  19. Marcus Yam

    Google to Charge for Heavy Google Maps API Use in 2012

    Free ride's over... for just 0.35 percent. Google to Charge for Heavy Google Maps API Use in 2012 : Read more
  20. C

    How do I update versions for "Explorer & Property Sheet API" and "Utilities

    Hello, I recently installed Chartsy 1.4 on my Windows7 Desktop and my Vista laptop (both 32-bit. The software is open source and appears to involve the Netbeans platform. While attempting to install the plugin updates, I received errors regarding the versions for "Explorer & Property Sheet API"...
  21. S

    API for .Net winform help

    I was frustrated with the performance of my .Net winform application. I am looking for a high performance grid to help with this. The API doesn’t have to be complex neither should the solution be slow. I am already battling with a solution that has these problems.
  22. G

    Google Translate Gets Voice Input

    Google Translate has become the first application that uses Google's HTML speech input API. Google Translate Gets Voice Input : Read more
  23. G

    Build Your Own Search Engine: Yahoo Spices Up Search API

    Sunnyvale (CA) - Yahoo is offering a re-engineered version of its search API that allows individuals and organizations to create their own search engines based on Yahoo's technology. Build Your Own Search Engine: Yahoo Spices Up Search API : Read more
  24. G

    Google's Visualization API Goes After Microsoft's Cash-cow

    At first sight, Google's brand new
  25. G

    High-end Mic Pre for Low End Mixer

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) I was wondering what it would be like if I ran all of my synths into an A&H and bus it into an high-end API or something to save cost. Will this sound better or beef-up my synths? In others words, if I had only only one high-end API mic pre and...
  26. G

    How can I get the caret pos which is in other application?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc.developer,microsoft.public.windowsce.embedded,microsoft.public.windowsce.embedded.vc (More info?) Most of documents said that Use GetCaretPos API to do it". But, the API can't get caret position except when the App has...