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  1. M

    Unlock cores

    Hello, how can i unlock cores on the msi k9n6pgm2-v
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  3. H

    Cpu unlock now no signal

    so today i updated my bios on my msi 870a-g54 it worked fine then i tried to unlock my cpu cores i restarted and then the computer turned on but my monitor is saying no signal everything was working until now and i do have the latest video drivers installed
  4. K

    Modded graphics drivers for intergrated chipsets (965)

    Hi, I have an inpsiron 1525 laptop with intergrated (intel mobile chipset family 965) and I was wondering if I could use one of the modded graphics performance here I assume the drivers just force the chipset to work harder or...
  5. D

    Can i install drivers wrongly?

    hi, Ive just reformatted due to malware/virus and i went to asus for my MB chipset/audio and install both. i went to nvidia and install gfx driver and ran there tool to see if my drivers are upto date for my MB. It said i needed the 750 driver so i got it and started to install and it asked to...
  6. K

    Unlocking the bios

    is there anyway to unlock the bios to get to the cpu, voltage controls? Lenovo Bios
  7. ahumphers91


    I am new to laptops, but I wanted to know if all bios' are locked? Is there anyway to unlock them?
  8. C

    MSI 770-G45 w/ phenom II 555 BE can't unlock all cores

    Hello, I am attempting to unlock additional cores of my phenom II 555 BE. After turning core unlock on and acc to auto in bios, my system will not boot, have to reset mobo with clear cmos jumper. Done this several times trying various tweakings but no luck. Any help is graciously appreciated...
  9. sockpirate

    MSI-785GT-E63 "unlock cpu core"

    My mobo box says this on it , i am just a little curious as to what it is ? I went into the bios and saw some selections that seemed were connected with it , i just dont know what it is and dont really wanna mess with it till i do. Any insight would be paramount! :kaola:
  10. exfileme

    iPhone 5 Will Use Qualcomm Chipset?

    The iPhone 5 will supposedly feature Qualcomm's mixed-mode chipset. iPhone 5 Will Use Qualcomm Chipset? : Read more
  11. K


    I have an HP nc6000 with a 1.7ghz Pentium M. The chipset is 855pm. I have found a Pentium M 2.5ghz pulled from an 852pm chipset. The 852 runs 533fsb when it is not on battery but 400 when on battery. the 855 runs 400 I believe at all times. The price and increase in fsb for the 2.5 is...
  12. J

    Unlock the bios dell 2100 tag 9q4cx01 desktop computer

    I tried over months to unlock the bios, but I can find the answer can you help me. I know is old computer, but is ok for my. It is you need more data I can provide the name of board and the other specification bwcause I already installed belgac advisor. My e-mail Thank you
  13. K

    Phenom 11 x2 bios n68-s3 ucc 1 3 windows freezes

    Hello,I have a n68-s ucc mobo it will not post with ucc enabled It will unlock to x4 core but windows freezes On bios 1.3 any help out there ?
  14. P

    I need help about bios ver.F3b for MA790FXT-UD5P !!!

    I need that bios version for unlock phenom 720BE. But I could'nt found it :( ! Please help !!!
  15. J

    How to unlock overclocking feature?

    Hey I'm repairing this computer and i cannot unlock the overclocking features. RAM speeds are running at 133MHz and not @ 400MHz Can someone help me out please on how to unlock the overclocking features? Hardware: MB: Kobian(Mercury) PI845EX-L (link: ) RAM: 1GB DDR1 400MHz CPU: Pentium 4...
  16. R

    Chipsets and SATA Controllers

    Hey, guys. I'm in the market for a new laptop and I want to drop in a nice SSD right off the bat. My problem is not knowing what chipset a laptop has and what SATA revision it's controller uses. Most of the better SSDs support the SATA II revision (3GB/s) and I want a laptop that has a...
  17. S

    USB3, SATA 3 and DDR3 laptop?

    AMD has launched new chipset for desktops with USB3, SATA 3 and DDR3, when they will launch new chipset for laptops? Did Nvidia has some plans for chipsets? When laptops with these features will be available in market?
  18. E

    Trying to unlock a 545 callisto

    Hello, I have a biostar TA790GXE 128 mobo. I flashed an updated bios from biostar china and when I enable ACC I can see the 4 cores in the bios but I cannot get past the windows logo when booting up. I have tried lowering HT to 1.6ghz, bumping vcore in increments of .02 all the way up to +.12...
  19. pawn3d

    How to install chipset, broadcom and wifi drivers on eMachines?

    This is very strange... After I download the drivers from the eMachines website, there are no installers for the chipset LAN and wireless and wireless network drivers! So I go directly to the Broadcom site and it's the same thing! No installers, no nothing! what is going on?!?!?!
  20. S

    N450 Chipsets

    Seems like theres 3 main netbooks that are utilizing the new more efficient N450 chipset. Samsung N150/N210/N220 (Hardware identical) HP Mini 210 Asus Eee Pc 1005P What are your opinions between these 3 brand new netbooks? They are all similarly priced at ~£280. Thanks! Mike
  21. smtsolder5

    Any SATA 3.0 GB/s Notebooks for sale today?

    Any SATA 3.0 GB/s Notebooks for sale today? Is there a chipset that has this native?
  22. K

    Laptop Schematic Diagram / Wiring Diagram

    May I know what websites you would recommend to visit for the above mentioned item? I only wanted to check out the “switch” in the motherboard if it can be overclocked safely the FSB from 400 Mhz into 533 MHz. My laptop motherboard model is A6R with an ATI chipset. Has anyone of you guys that...
  23. A

    Notebook chipset

    Hi everyone, I had Acer Aspire,but unfortunatly it is broken so I want to buy a new laptop.When I bought it, AMD Puma Platform was a great solution,but since then I wasnt monitoring the situation on the market,so if anyone can tell me which chipset is the best at the moment?Intel or AMD,it...
  24. N

    What netbook graphics card will be better, the HD3200 or the ION 2?

    I'm on the fence with getting a high powered ultra portable laptop (or if you prefer netbook) I would say i have a few options in terms of chipsets, I could either get the ION2 chipset with whatever CPU comes with it, or i could get the AMD Congo with the HD3200. My main goal is for the ultra...
  25. H

    Chipset and Memory Upgrade

    Hey there, I have a Toshiba Satellite P305D-S8828 which supposedly has an amd m780v chipset. I say supposedly, because whenever i run any software that tells me my hardware info. such as cpu-z or amd overdrive, etc, it says my chipset is m780g and not v (which makes no sense at all, since the...
  26. P

    Unlock Phenom II 550 with MSI NF750-G55

    Can you do it?
  27. S

    Unlock bios

    i need to unclock bios of my intel 945 motherboard to oc my cpu. how can i do it? can i re-program it?
  28. K

    What CPUs are compatible with Intel GM965 chipset?

    hi, I own acer 5720 travelmate laptop, CPU is T5270 (core 2 duo 1,4GHz), the chipset is Intel GM965. Can someone please list all CPUs compatible with this chipset? I want to upgrade the CPU and also wanted to ask what are the potential issues of that (in terms of cooling etc) what is...
  29. MARSOC_Operator

    Mobile Intel 940GML Express Chipset and Core 2 Duo processors?

    I'd like to upgrade my Acer Aspire 3690-2023 laptop. It has this Intel 940 chipset, so is it compatible with Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile CPUs? (Socket M). I'd like to replace the stock CPU with a Core 2 Duo Mobile T 7600. Also, does my chipset support PC2-5200 DDR2-667 MHz and I'm stuck with...
  30. S

    Can geforce 9300m upgrade to bigger ram

    can that chipset (9300M) able to upgrade to bigger capacity for the Asus U6V notebook? Thanks Sirelu
  31. K

    How do I unlock the bios on a xfx nforce 750a amd socket am2 ddr2

    I want to flash my BIOS, I went and burnd the new update to disk and restarted the computer from the disk and it tells me that the BIOS is write protected any info would be great.
  32. W

    Duplicate Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS 910GML Express Chipset Family

    I have somehow wound up with duplicate Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/GMS,910GML Express Chipset Family display drivers. Is there a simple way to get rid of the duplicate? I've tried disabling one of the drivers but then the other reports problems. I'm running Windows 7 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T43. Thanks,
  33. A

    Any DDR2 MB that can unlock Phenom 550 BE?

    Is there any great (cheap) ddr2-supporting-mobo that can successfully unlock the phenom 550 BE? Can't seem to fit in ddr3 mem in my budget since it's kinda tight. South bridge should be atleast SB710. Better if the north bridge is atleast 780.
  34. G

    M2n68-la uk bios update

    I live in the USA. Yet my order from says the m2n68-la Nara2 was only sold in Canada and USA. This stuff ticks me off. I love to tinker and want to unlock this Bios. I have a Awardphnx from 10/97. Can you help? Actually i belive the MB is AsusTek. Its confusing there are so many contradicting...
  35. J

    Please help me unlock ma AMD P2 550 in ma motherboard

    Hi all i have the phenom 2 550 mobo and i need to unlock the 2 core in it please let me know how i am a rookie !! the mobo i have is zotac geforce8200 A-E please guide me soon !! thanks in advance
  36. G

    Sapphire 790gx 550 be unlock 3 4 cores

    having trouble unlocking the extra cores on sapphire pure crossfire 790gx mobo and 550 be cpu... when i enable ACC it shows 4 cores is this normal? or does it mean that these are unlocked, when i boot into windows it only shows 2 cores im confused help please
  37. V

    How to unlock AMD Phenom II X3 720BE with ASRock AOD790GX?

    As of the topic, can someone please tell me how to unlock Phenom II X3 720 BE with Motherboard ASRock AOD790GX? If possible, can that someone give a full tutorial on how to do it? Thanks
  38. J

    Unlock or Reset an unknown password

    I was resetting my password and left my desk for a moment and left it open and my youngest son walked up to the keyboard and ran his fingers thru the keyboard at the the same time pressed enter and there for setting a new password. I dont know how to unlock or reset this password. Im still...
  39. G

    Overclock t9400 cantiga pm45

    i know that overclocking a t9400 is entirely possible...infact the t9600 it's a t9400 with the multiplyer at 10,5 insted of 9,5. Now; i know the multiplier is locked..but...can we unlock it? and....with set fsb using some pll i can increase the fsb but the final cpu frequency doesn't grow...
  40. T

    PM45 GPU upgrade

    I have a laptop with the PM45 chipset (Toshiba g55-q801). I am interested in upgrading my GPU, does anybody know where I can find out what if anything I can upgrade to.
  41. wirelessfender

    HP HDX18t series, TV tuner question, and what is the chipset?

    I'm really looking into getting one of the HP HDX18t laptops and I have everything picked out that I want. Here is the the current setup I'm looking at: I'm curious to...
  42. G

    Fujitsu Launches Mobile WiMax Chipsets

    Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited (FML) recently announced its new mobile WiMAX chipset optimized devices such as smartphones and PDAs. Fujitsu Launches Mobile WiMax Chipsets : Read more
  43. G

    Abit Reportedly To Phase Out The Market After Intel 4 Series Chipset Launch

    Second-tier motherboard maker Abit is reportedly concidering phasing out of the motherboard market after evaluating its shipment performance of Intel 4 series motherboards, according to channel sources. Abit Reportedly To Phase Out The Market After Intel 4 Series Chipset Launch : Read more
  44. G

    XBOX 360 Gets New Chipset

    Microsoft has plans in the works for a new version of its Xbox 360. Slated for this August, the new console version will utilize the firm’s latest chipset codenamed Jasper. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and IBM have been signed on to XBOX 360 Gets New Chipset : Read more
  45. G

    Nvidia To Launch MCP7A And MCP7C

    Santa Clara (CA) - Nvidia will position its MCP7A chipset, with integrated graphics processing (IGP), against Intel’s upcoming G45 chipset, beginning in April of 2008. The MCP7A will have two IGP versions, the -U and -S models. Both will provide suppor Nvidia To Launch MCP7A And MCP7C : Read more
  46. the_taker

    Best Buy Toshiba laptop for $249. Chipset? Worth it?

    Okay, I'm turning to my fellow forum members for help. I have been researching this laptop for hours, trying to figure out what chipset is in this, so that ultimately, I could put in a better processor, perhaps pentium-m or Core/core 2 duo. The Black Friday add for after thanksgiving is here...
  47. J

    Laptop upgrade from Core Duo to Core 2 Duo

    Hi! I have a FSC Xi1546 and I was wonder if the upgrade is possible. The chipset is 945pm and it is Core 2 Duo compatible and the latest BIOS has stepping for Merom B2. :roll:
  48. L

    driver/memory issues dv8000t (intel 945pm chipset)

    I recently purchased a hp dv8000t intel 945pm chipset. It came with windows xp home, and I upgraded to xp pro, and it went horribly. So i reformated the partition, and installed a "clean" versions of windows. i have everthing installed and no errors listed under the Device manager. But windows...
  49. Y


    :D hi every one! i am new to this forum. i have an extreme ideal about my laptop. do anyone know how to upgrade the 3d chipset ati igp 340m to higher leve?? any ways to change the chipset, because i face a problem in playing some pc games. my ati only 32mb, any ways to increase it?? how to...
  50. U

    PCI card with the Lucent USS312MC Chipset

    I need the driver for the PCI adapter card with the Lucent USS312MC Chipset. I tried hardly to find this driver using or but to no avail. This card will be used with the Windows '98 SE. Since this computer has no USB ports integrated I bought this PCI card with 2 USB...
  51. G

    BX Chipset - FSB 133?

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hey! Is it possible to put a FSB 133 P-III mobile CPU in a laptop equipped with a BX chipset? I know that desktop systems had problems with the AGP divider if you used FSB133 on a BX chipset but otherwise ran fine... BTW I'm using an...
  52. G

    M-Audio Audiophile 2496 w/ SiS-based motherboard

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello. I have the ASUS P4S533-MX motherboard which uses the SiS 651 chipset, I want to buy an M-Audio Audiophile 2496 soundcard...
  53. G

    SiS 630ST Chipset ????

    Archived from groups: comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi To All....... Just wondering.....did anyone encountered any problems using the SiS 630ST chipset????? If so, what were the problems and how to get it fixed? thanks
  54. M

    intel chipset soft. install. utility

    Does anyone know if we are supposed to update "Intel Chipset Sofware Installation Utility" driver on a regular basis? Now that I have the SP2 CD, I'd like to do a clean install of XP. I noticed that Gateway(my computer) only has the 4.0 version of the "intel sofware utility" but now Intel's...
  55. C

    Lost chipset drivers.

    Hello, I have recently inherited what is left of an old computer from a friend he took all good stuff and left me with the rubbish and without the driver disks. All l no is that the cpu is a 1 gig, 128 meg ram agp 4 pci slots no isa 2 dimms and on board sound. l am trying to find the drivers...
  56. S

    D/load Drivers from, Motherboard or Chipset Site?

    Hi. Where should I download my drivers for my hardware from? [Chipset, AGP, onboard LAN,sound & Storage Drivers] My Chipset Site( <font color=green>VIA P4M266</font color=green>) or Motherboard Site? -am using a <font color=green> Mercury </font color=green> motherboard. -Drivers are available...
  57. G

    enabling dma with pc-chips M748lmrt and win 2000

    I have a pc-chips M748LMRT mobo (sis 620 chipset) and don't know how to enable DMA with windows 2000... I tried everything and I know that I'm not the only user with such problem... The w2kdma.exe program from Sis didn't work, and from what I know this board doesn't have problems with win98 (BTW...
  58. G

    Apollo Pro 133A chipset/ Geforce 2 incompatible?

    Is there a fix for this problem as of yet? I'm runnning Win2k, Tyan Tiger dual P3 733mhz,w/VIA Apollo Pro 133a chipset,AGP4X (2.0 compliant), 512mb pc133(major). Using Guillemot 3D Prophet II Ultra video card. Can't start Win2k in in AGP 4X mode. I tried manual settings for AGP like "CC" and...
  59. G

    Windows ME, PCI Bus Master, Intel 430TX chipset

    I just upgraded my computer to Windows ME. I get a yellow exclamation point under the device manager on my Primary Hard Disk Controller. How do I get the device to work properly?